Workshops and Events

Workshops and events for prenatal and postnatal mamas… building your village, nourishing your soul

The Mama Circle Sunshine Coast offers events and workshops that build your village, nurture, nourish and celebrate you.

The Lullaby Ensemble

Singing folk lullabies from around the globe in simple sublime harmonies, your babies will love the gentle sounds we create.

You don’t need any prior singing experience to take part and your soul and belly will be nourished with creativity flowing and breastfeeding friendly snacks in abundance.

Pilot project launching in Noosa in October 2020.

Mama Cooking Circles

Meet other expectant mamas in this cooking class creating delicious organic meals perfect for nourishing your postpartum body.

We’ll cook together, eat together and you’ll head home with nourishment for the early weeks of motherhood along with a group of expectant mamas to share your postpartum journey with.

Celebrating Mama

Motherhood is a rite of passage. We celebrate births and marriages, yet we pass over this most momentous life changing experience.

I can support you to honour this moment in time, honour your postpartum body for all the work it has done and bear witness to the incredible journey you have embarked on.

I can offer ceremonies for you and invited guests to celebrate your story of motherhood.

Alison is well-organised, asks the right questions,

is generous and easy to work with.

Sue Rider

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